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Lunes, 18 de Enero de 2016 09:32

Elections in the EE.UU.

por  Mª Jesús García Cachafeiro

It seems that United States ´ traditional bipartisanship it´s been cuestioned as the agenda radicalizes. Observing who are the candidates for the next elections, one might say that some issues of the public debate are changing, although European medias have not pay enough attention to some of them. Who is Bernie Sanders, the independent that runs for the caucus in the democrat party?.

Benie Sanders is a senator for Vermont. He has been in politics for a live long. First as the mayor of Berlington, and after, in the Congress, where he has played an essential role in the comities that have investigated the role of the federal agencies of the Administration.

Bernie Sanders congregates thousands of American supporters who stand for a fundamental change in the role of the State. While Hilary Clinton represents the continuity of the status quo as she has been reveled strongly committed with the interests of Bank and huge companies, Sanders, on the contrary, is the voice of those excluded members of the middle class whose economical condition has worsen in the last decades.

He is mainly supported by Unions and individuals. He states that inequality in the country has raised to levels of the thirties and consecuently he identifies the main problems that have to be face. Some of the measures proposed focus in the economy and try to strengthen the income of workers, elderly and middle classes as well as redistribution through taxes.

He also stands for a general adjustment of the pension that elderly received. He is in favour of expanding social security instead of cutting it. Two-thirds of the elderly people rely on public pensions that represent half of their income.

Wth regard to minimum wage, he labells the current one as starvation, so it should reach $15 an hour in the next years instead of $ 7.25 paid nowadays. Women are not forgotten also as he finds inconceivable that gender determines an unequal salary.

Finally the pretends to continue in the struggle to guarantee overtime pay protection. Most Americans don’t get their overtime hours paid. He recognized that Obama´s administration has signed a bill to extend protection to every worker making less than $847 a week.

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